What happens at the Hands-on Design Workshop?

Charrette Hands-onThe hands-on design workshop happens during the charrette kick-off meeting at the Lansing Center from 6-9:30 on May 1st. RSVP here!

During this time you will work at small tables alongside your neighbors to draw your ideas for the future of the Michigan Avenue/Grand River Avenue corridor. Each table will create their own vision map and set of ideas for how the corridor will look 20 years from now.

The next day, the design team takes the maps and ideas back to the design studio at 333 E. Grand River Avenue and begins to create several different vision concepts. These concepts are based on the meeting results along with base data and other studies.

During the week the design team refines the vision and plan in the charrette studio. The community is welcome to visit the studio and provide input throughout the week, especially during an Open House on Sunday, May 5 from 3pm–5pm.

The team will present the work-in-progress to the community at the East Lansing Hannah Community Center Tuesday, May 7th at 6:30 PM.

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