Dena Belzer Presentation Video now available

Watch Dena Belzer, President of Strategic Economics, present Sustaining the Future: Michigan Avenue/Grand River Avenue on HOM TV:

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One comment on “Dena Belzer Presentation Video now available
  1. Carlos says:

    As a long time property owner just acorss 49, I would like to see this cross over to the 49 (East Side) service road and South and North 25th. These areas are highly visible to the University and passing’ traffic. The area South of Walgreens where would be a great place for thehotel possiblity mentioned. When I purchased property on the 3rd block of South 25th and had it re-zoned, the Cities plan was to make 25th North and South Professional .. I would like to see this. If you travel this street you know that many houses are rental now and are not very appealing. Please contact Midtown and Parkhaven with your ideas for having this Midtown plan cross over 49.. Thanks! Darlene Thomas long time landowner, Historic District, Parkhaven.