Charrette Update: Day One: Opening Evening Event Technique for Presenting Out

opening-presentAt the first evening meeting there were 16 facilitated tables. Facilitators included members of the Dover Kohl Charrette Team, National Charrette Institute (NCI), and Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC). At the tables, the 150 plus participants worked on detailed maps at 1” = 400’ scale of segments of the Grand River / Michigan Avenue corridor.

After the small group exercises, each group reported out. The Dover Kohl technique for report outs was effective and engaging: While the spokesperson for each group presented, Greg from TCRPC filmed the drawings on display, while Victor Dover transcribed the ideas on a big screen. Text and drawing were projected giant size, sideby- side on the wall. James Dougherty augmented Victor’s typewritten notes with handwritten notes…

For the full summary of the Opening Evening Event Technique for Presenting Out, please click to see this PDF.

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