What is a charrette?

La Charrette by Alexis Lemaistre

La Charrette by Alexis Lemaistre

Architects sometime call all-nighters “charrettes.” This use of the term is said to originate from the École des Beaux Arts in Paris during the 19th century, where proctors circulated a cart, or “charrette,” to collect final drawings while students frantically put finishing touches on their work.

In community planning, we use the term to mean the rapid, intensive, and creative work session in which a design team focuses on a particular design problem and arrives at a collaborative solution. Charrettes are product-oriented. Public charrettes bring all stakeholders to the table over a short period of time to work intensively with the design team to reach consensus over the future of an area.

The Michigan Avenue/Grand River Avenue Vision Charrette will bring together the whole community as important participants in this highly creative event. Over the course of this 7-day charrette you will draw ideas and discuss the plans as they evolve with the design team during set meetings. See the charrette schedule.

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