This project is hosted by the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission through the Mid–Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability, a sustainable communities program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and other local partners.

The Michigan Avenue/Grand River Avenue Vision Charrettes are part of the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability. The charrettes are part of nine demonstration projects along the 19-mile Michigan Avenue-Grand River Avenue corridor stretching from the state Capitol through Lansing, East Lansing, Meridian Township, Williamstown Township, City of Williamston, Leroy Township and the Village of Webberville. The corridor includes a range of development areas including urban and small town central business districts, older neighborhoods and student housing, suburban commercial tracts, agricultural and rural areas. It is the region’s “main street” with over 1.7 million transit trips annually.

The charrettes will provide an opportunity for in-depth public engagement on the future design of the corridor. The goal is to produce consensus based sustainable plans for transportation, urban design, land planning and economic development to be implemented throughout the corridor over the next 20 years.

The first charrette, held May 1-7 created a draft vision for the entire Michigan/Grand Avenue Corridor, starting at the State Capitol extending east to Webberville. The purpose of the second charrette, held October 22-30, 2013 was to develop more detailed plans for three sub-areas within the corridor.

Final Report Presentation on February 26, 2014 at the Hannah Community Center

The October charrette produced detailed area plans for Meridian, the Eastern District, and Red Cedar areas. See the complete Work-in-Progress presentation.

The Charrette team is currently assembling the results of the two charrettes into a report that will be available on this site for public comment on January 6, 2014. The public comment period will last between January 6 and January 31.

Before then, you can provide your comments through the Mindmixer forum.
The charrette team will make a concluding presentation of the report on February 26 at 5:30 PM at the Hannah Community Center.


What is a charrette?

A charrette is a lot like a town meeting combined with a barn raising. The charrette is a fun series of creative events stretching over seven days where you can:

  • Work with designers to draw and write ideas for the future vision of the corridor.
  • Provide comments and ideas as design happens.
  • Learn how community planning works.

For a complete charrette definition visit the National Charrette Institute.

Who is the charrette design team?

A charrette design team led by National Charrette Institute with town planning firm Dover Kohl & Partners and local and national professionals and academics will draft a vision and plan for the Michigan/Grand River corridor from the Capital Building to Webberville.